Celebrating a Friend’s Success

As a writer, I often wondered how I’d feel if a friend published a novel before I did. Would I be jealous or would I actually feel a true sense of joy for him or her? (And to clarify “published,” I mean by a publishing house and not through self-publishing.) Well, now I know.

Tim Lewis and I met seven years ago at The Writers’ League of Texas Conference where we were pitching our fiction manuscripts to the same agent. Though the agent requested material from both of us, then took a vow of silence, Tim and I kept in touch. At first, we communicated to find out if either of us had heard from the agent, but then, we kept talking because a writer’s life is isolating and our emails and occasional phone calls were like life jackets keeping us afloat. We have lifted each others’ spirits when we were losing faith in our dreams and have inspired each other to stay the course and write, not for publishing success, but because we felt the call to write and couldn’t imagine being happy not writing.

Tim’s novel, Forever Friday, is going to be released September 3rd by WaterBrook Press. And I’m happy and incredibly relieved to say that I feel nothing but joy for him. Somehow, I feel as though I share in his success, that our mutual struggle has been rewarded. It may not be happening to me (yet,) but it’s the next best thing. So move along Ms. Envy because I’m not listening to your whining. I’ve got some serious celebrating to do. Congratulations, Tim!           Woo hoo!