Lessons from a Hummingbird

hummingbirdI hear the distinctive buzzing and immediately look up from whatever I’m doing.  Within seconds, a hummingbird has arrived on my back deck, its wings dizzy with motion.  The sound is generally known as a humming, but honestly, to me, it sounds more like a tweeting buzz.  He captivates me completely as I watch him dip his beak over and over again, then zip away as quickly as he came, a blur in mid-air.  One has a ruby throat, the next, a metallic green.  I’m so fascinated that I watch, every time, as if I’ve never seen one before.  With the visitation of each hummingbird, I feel that I’ve witnessed something miraculous.

And then one dive-bombs the other as they fight over the feeder.  Now, that’s not so miraculous.  I’ve raised three boys.  I’ve seen more fights than most.  hummingbirds fightingAnd yet, I can’t help but laugh.  Two beautiful birds fighting like little kids over the plate of chocolate chip cookies.  Not even the last cookie.  There’s plenty of sugar water in that feeder to last for a week.  They just don’t like to share.

But they can travel great distances with those mighty wings and they respond quickly to the changes going on around them.  No wonder I’m fascinated.  They could teach me a thing or two.  Be flexible.  Lighten up.  Enjoy the sweetness of life.  And whenever I’m finally able to master those lessons, I promise I’ll share.  But you probably have enough on your plate already.


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